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The Asylum Challenge

The Asylum Challenge.

It sounded fun. It sounded entertaining.

I ended up making the most boring Asylum ever.

Let's meet the contestants, shall we? From left to right (standing first) we have:

Kerrigan. She's our playable. She's a Popularity Sim whose stats I forgot to write down of course. Next time I play them I will (which won't be for a few updates). Her LTW is to become a celebrity chef. She has a little problem with anger management and due to the fact that she punched out her therapist during their last session she has been signed up to become one of the first inmates of the Pleasantview Asylum.

Next we have Elisa who's a Family Sim. I only remember this because of what happens later. Elisa has issues that when written down could rival War and Peace in thickness. She doesn't believe however that she's been put in an asylum. She is also on a lot of drugs.

The next red-head of the group is Stiletto. Her therapist assigned her to Pleasantview Asylum due to domestic violence issues. While normally they would put her in an abused woman's clinic they can't find any actual evidence that she has a husband. Or a boyfriend. Or anyone in her life at all, even a pet fish.

Token is the next inmate who thinks he's an alien. They were going to put him on mood regulators until they found out that he's naturally happy as a Prozac baby so they just let him be.

Katse is the white haired inmate. Enough said. (Note: this is a totally different Sim than the Veronaville Bachelorette Katse. Yes, I have doubles all over the place. DON'T JUDGE ME. *emo*)

Old man. (I'm not sure why I don't have seperate close ups of these two.) Who I'm not sure is named anything other than Old Man and who is an overt pedophile. Little boys need love too! (He's romance. No I actually rolled that on the first try. My dice liked me then.)

Slob!Leon. No one really knows why he's in the asylum and he doesn't offer any information- but rumor has it that one day he just started calling up the police station and the fire station and the mayor and told them that the zombies were coming.

LeeAnne. She tried to take over the world with a cat and a wooden spoon. Unfortunately she made her attempt on the steps of city hall during a police pride parade.

These two hit it off right away.

Old Man:I wanna cover your naked body in paint.


Kerrigan:Oh my God why am I in here?!

Assika comes over and immediately there's a catfight. There isn't enough room for two popularity sims on one lawn!

Leon thinks that's so hot.

After watching the girls fight for a while Token manages to convince Leon to come join him in the woods for a little bit of 'male bonding.'

Assika goes inside to nurse her wounds over a bowl of cereal.

In an effort to bond with her new 'roommates' Kerrigan tries out some social skills- and what better way to get buddy-buddy with someone than to gossip about someone else?

Kerrigan: Have you seen Stiletto's face? I mean my God, who hit her with the ugly tree?

Eventually everyone goes inside (only took them about four sim hours to do it) and Katse immediately becomes best friends with the easel; she has been prescribed painting therapy and takes it very, very seriously.

Leon decides that food poisoning is the way to impress the local Diva. Assika doesn't really want to talk to him enough to point out that maybe he shouldn't eat anything that emits a green gas.

No one cares about you or your kissing abilities, Stiletto.

As in any sim house the bathroom is the social spot. Even when it's halfway across the house from anything remotely interesting.

The first pass out of the challenge goes to Elisa. Available beds are for sissies.

Kerrigan sets her sights on the asylum slut and happily listens to his theories about how zombies are created by a virus and how the apocalypse will begin in a little mansion in the middle of the woods.

Until he passes out.

By this time all the beds were taken and so she eventually finds her way to the hallway and then passes out, three hours before she has to go to work.



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