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Asylum Day 2

I have internet now? y/n?

Anyway onto the snoozefest that is the Asylum!

I managed to get Kerrigan's butt up enough to get to work and then she fell out of the ambulence. Stiletto was unconcerned.

Old Man and Leeanne hit it off rather well.

Old Man:I've got this huuuge boat. Wanna see it?

Leeanne:Oh yeah!

Then she goes to bother Token who regails her with Gandalf's Pointy Hat Trick.


And then she pees on his leg.

No Leeane, that is decidedly not Token.

Kerrigan: Someone let me out of here, please?

It was then that I decided to reduce the house from it's near 9x9 area to a somewhat more manageable size in hopes I could make it more interesting.

This is a close up of the beds that remained outside for a time because everyone was sleeping in them when I changed up the asylum.

I did not, however, remove the toilet. Nor was there anyone in it. Fail Token, fail.

I did remove the tub because I was sick of clean sims who took out the trash every freaking time. (I evidently didn't take any pictures of it but I swear- every single time they put something in the garbage can someone else (or they) would have to immediately pick it up and take it out.)

Leeanne was the first to happily use the sink.

Stiletto was a little more shy and everyone had to vacate the room so she could bathe. The house is one giant room now.

And she gets her way.

Even though she claims different, Stiletto's record shows that she started the fire as a bid for attention because no one cared about her. And they still don't.

And the fire dance starts.

I had to get Kerrigan to finally become sane and call the fire department. Apparently the girls didn't like fire and fell like a ton of bricks.

I've never seen synchronized fail before.

Even synchronized fail doesn't impress Leon and Stiletto.

See? Family Sim.


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