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Bachelorette Day 2

Well one wipe of an OS and the total loss of my Sims game (installation is not working) later, and we have internet again.

And crappily documented Bachelorette challenge.

Due to the fire our precious mad scientist has lost it and now waxes poetic about the merits of using viruses to create bioterrorism weapons. Luckily Leon was the first to go so he wasn't around to hear all about how the G-Virus is the best candidate to create the mystical third eye on victims volunteers.

The chess matches start without even being scheduled. Lan and Seether are fast friends yet again just like their counterparts in Strangetown.

Maestro, Gaignun and Katse make the first tub. And proceed to talk about the weather.

One of the black haired guys: I heard it was going to be a clear night tonight. Isn't that awesome?


I only know this is Gaignun because the file says so.

Gaignun: Ghosts are the scariest thing ever! They used to stand over my bed and laugh at me until my psychiatrist switched my meds.

Jessi: *snore*

Maestro: Books are awesome!

Jessi: *plus!*

Seether has the habit of setting fires and not noticing them one bit. Only Jr managed to do the ritual fire dance- everyone else were still upstairs.

Seether never noticed even when the firegirl came.

Jr had to immediately shower because the fire made him pee his pants. By the time he was done Jessi came down and they got their talk on.

Jr: We are people.

For not liking the female gender he sure spends a long time hovering around them, listening to them talk about how many petals a daisy has.

For being a nympho Jessi sure has some damn boring conversations.

Lan, talking requires that you pay attention to the person doing it to you. Fail.

Of course Seether and Jessi hit it off like peanut butter and sweet, sweet jelly.

New nightly ritual by Gaignun: panhandling at one in the morning. Sadly he lacks the foresight to realize that no one is actually out on the streets at that time. Not even a penny for his thoughts.

I just took this because it was my first meditation which I thought was so awesome.


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