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ILU2D- Too Much Sims

O_o I've done nothing else, I swear. I just hope I remember the story when I finally post it.

Deaths: 4
Children: 5 1/2 (2 1/2s)
Children with the wrong names: 1
Spouses: 5
Cheats: 1 (I had to, she drove me nuts.)

Total so far: 25


Man, I need to stop getting attached to my Sims, especially in the I Love You To Death challenge. -_- It makes it so hard to kill the things off.

And Goe's sobs are just heartbreaking now.

Although what's funny is that since it's Goe, the only time I let him not try for baby is when the uterus is already knocked up. Let me tell you- he does not shoot blanks. Ever.

Next I think I shall try the satellite. XD

Spouses- 2
Children- 3 (2 and 2 halves. Yes, they were both pregnant when they died.)
Deaths- 2

Total so far: 8 points.

Asylum Day 3


Bachelorette Final!

Bachelorette Day 2

Well one wipe of an OS and the total loss of my Sims game (installation is not working) later, and we have internet again.

And crappily documented Bachelorette challenge.

Day 2 has 12 pictures under this cut. Seriously. I sucked at taking pictures...Collapse )

Asylum Day 2

I have internet now? y/n?

Anyway onto the snoozefest that is the Asylum!

Where there's a....FIRE!Collapse )

The Asylum Challenge

The Asylum Challenge.

It sounded fun. It sounded entertaining.

I ended up making the most boring Asylum ever.

I made a bunch of neat freaks. My dice fricken hate me...Collapse )


Jessi's Bachelorette Challenge, Day 1!

Oh come on, how couldn't I stick everyone's favorite nympho in a house with 7 possible sex objects? This one should have been easy to guess. I stuck her in Veronaville.

Okay, here are our contestants, since I forgot to get individual pictures (or many at all actually). And hopefully after I go through these old captures I'll get better quality ones.

From right to left (standing first):

Maestro- I don't remember any of his stats.
Jessi- Our pretty little romance sim bachelorette.
Katse- The other romance sim.
Lan- Clone of the Lan I have in the Umbrella house. He's just as dorky too. Knowledge.
Jr- *cough*closetgay*cough* pleasure sim.
Gaignun- The fortune sim of the group. Jr's brother so there's no possibility for incest.
Seether- Outgoing clone of the one in the Umbrella house. She baba!
Leon- I don't remember what he is but man, he's an obsessive loner socialite.

And now, on to the fun!Collapse )