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Asylum Day 3

We start out this day in the morning, next to Glitchy Bed(tm). The Glitchy Bed says it's too good to be indoors.

The old man and Leon are hitting it off very well. Probably too well.

They stay out so long until Old Man has to pee and Leon is starting to listen to his stomach eat itself. You'd think they'd take this time to go take care of their bodily needs, right?

WRONG! The Old Man schools Leon in how to take a hit so that when he is in an abusive relationship he knows how to handle it.

What? The Old Man has a couple of kinky kinks in him.

Yeah, bodily functions. You can't ignore them, but did you have to pee on his leg? Leon on the other hand really could care less.

LeeAnne meanwhile starts to pimp herself out for money. It might help her cause if she doesn't do that while the school buses are picking up the kids.

I had a really good reason to take away their fridge, but I can't remember what it was for the life of me. But it was good!

Since everyone was starving Kerrigan took pity and ordered them a pizza. Which they left out there in that spot. All day.

Kerrigan and Leon are still hitting it off. It's all part of Kerrigan's master plan to keep the poor thing away from the Old Man. She knows what Old Men want- she's seen it in their eyes many times before- and Leon is too poor and innocent.

Even if he keeps prattling off about zombies.

Kerrigan has long days at work. Too long for a poor inmate to go without food, and after they've eaten all the rotting pizza. So I give them back their fridge back.

There was much rejoicing.

We all knew that was coming. Damn you Stiletto.

Elisa, in happy baby land, does not notice that the stove next to her is shooting flames up to the ceiling.

Unfortunately Kerrigan is happily at work even though she'd be the first on the scene if they actually call for help.

There is a phone. Leon has an inkling of common sense and looks at the strange contraption on the wall. His thought?

"What is that thing for?"


As the fire leaps across the counters, the stove already a smoking pile of ash, the Old Man suddenly falls.

The horror! Does this mean Leon's perverted stalker has met his end?

No. It's apparently time for his nap.

Still slow on the uptake, Elisa worries over the poor man, wondering what Leon will do now that he's lost the man who'd grab his ass every time the kid walked by.

Unfortunately this places her close to the flames. Too close.

Burn baby burn!

Uh...you didn't hear that.

Kerrigan makes it home to see the kitchen in flames. She immediately phones the fire department and a visitor shows up along with them.

It's just before this point that I realize I'm missing LeeAnne as well. In a panic I have Kerrigan plead for her life.

She wins, but it turns out that I wasn't pleading for LeeAnne. LeeAnne was tucked in all nice and happy in Glitchy Bed.

No, I seem to be missing all of the pictures I thought I took to show this.

Tired from all the excitement, Old Man wakes up just to fall asleep on the table. In the background you see what's left of the kitchen and Elisa's urn. (And someone peed on themselves. I have no idea who it was.)

RIP Elisa. Your flour baby will starve to death and follow you shortly.

The fire was traumatizing for everyone. Kerrigan keeps waking up thinking Death's cold hands are gripping her throat. (Even though they're really not that cold- he was in front of a fire after all. He needs more meat on his bones though.)

The Old Man woke up weeping for the beautiful girl they had lost, even though she was the wrong gender, she was young after all.

And the floating toys freaked the hell out of me. (I now know why they show up, but damn. Freaky the first time you see it.)

And that's it- that's as far as I've played now.



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