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I see lots of Saylons in the future...

Pleasantview Saylon Mulder, not technically Robyn's brother but he is in CW so I made him so that she'd have someone to hang out with.

More pictures than Assika, still played once so far...Collapse )

Assika's household

I made a Saylon, so I had to make a random Assika to go with. This is on the Pleasant view neighborhood.

Not many pictures at all, I've only played her lot once...Collapse )

Kevin's Bachelor Challenge, Day 1

Hi! Welcome to the first start of my second Bachelor challenge, this time starring everyone's favorite police man/Tom Cruise clone from Resident Evil Outbreak.

Cause he needs a girl.

Let's meet the contestants shall we?Collapse )
Next time, nudist hot tub bathing!

Obligatory first post

Now I need to get my butt in gear and get all the stuff together for this.